Consists of instruction in computer ideas, info methods, networking, operating programs, computer hardware, the Web, software functions, assist desk ideas and drawback fixing, and rules of customer service. four Mitchell Zimmerman, Your DMCA Secure Harbor Questions Answered, Fenwick & West, (2017), – , (The four secure harbors cowl claims arising from the OSP having: (1) Hosted, saved and made infringing matter obtainable if it was stored on the direction of customers (the Storage Protected Harbor, § 512(c)); (2) Transmitted, routed or provided connections (for instance, telephone lines) for digital on-line connections for infringing materials transmitted by customers (the Transmission Secure Harbor, § 512(a)); (three) Cached infringing materials on a system or network, when the fabric was initially made out there by another person (the Caching Safe Harbor, § 512(b)); or (four) Offered hyperlinks or referred customers to online locations containing infringing matter or activity (the Search Engine or Info Location Instruments Secure Harbor, § 512(d))”).